our purpose

We're an Impact CommunicationsTM agency driven by purpose and positive change.

They’re a necessity, not just a ‘nice to have’ and you want to tell the world. No bullsh*t, just a genuine commitment to showcasing your impact properly.

We help you stay authentic, relevant and engaging through impact reports, branding and websites.

Communicating impact the right way.

who we
do it for

For the dreamers out there. Changemakers challenging the status quo, hellbent on making a change. Shaping a future we want to live in, not just one we're stuck with.

Greenwashing. Box ticking. Ad-hoc CSR projects? None of that, please. We’re good. We're here for those brands who want to put impact front and centre all-day, everyday.

If you’re a changemaker, you’ll want us on-side.

"The team at Purple Banana exceed expectations. We have become close collaborators rather than clients, and they have become an essential part of our growth."
Gulliver Moore, Sunday Treat

drives us

Give a sh*t? Good. So do we.

We’re proud of the causes we support. But that’s not what makes us stand out. We put our money where our mouth is. We're honest partners, not smooth talkers telling the world how it is. From our start we've taken action, and inspired others to do the same. From


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