outreach programme
resource design

a mockup of a GOALS resource workbook open on a navy background

outreach programme
resource design

Betknowmore UK are a charity supporting those living with gambling harms. In 2022, they updated and relaunched their first, and largest, support service, GOALS - a community outreach service.

resource design
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a mockup of a GOALS resource workbook open on a grey background
The Brief

To support the relaunch, Betknowmore had both rewritten and created new resources to support both the staff delivering the programme and the clients using it. The new programme resources contained overarching larger workbooks, a suite of smaller plenary task sheets, as well as a number of onboarding and administration forms. We were tasked with creating all the resources in a visually appealing and accessible format.

The Challenges

With a huge number of workbooks, resources, and forms, the main challenge was ensuring a clear, consistent, and accessible visual identity was woven through every resource regardless of size. Within these, heavily complicated process diagrams and pages containing data needed visualising to make them more understandable. Finally, the charity wanted the resources to feel more modern and community-focused than their previous programmes.

a tablet with a GOALS onboarding form opena tablet with a GOALS onboarding form open
Digital First

Efficiency was crucial when producing the resources, particularly the administrative and onboarding forms. To ensure both efficiency and accessibility, we designed them digital-first as both fillable PDFs alongside a secure Microsoft Forms system so that new data would be neatly and securely linked to the charity's SharePoint.

Visual Identity

To create a more eye-catching and bold set of resources that would resonate with the urban population the programme was being delivered to, it meant rethinking the visual identity. We delivered a new design system and an expanded version of the charity's core colour palette and font family to create a unique, yet familiar identity for the new resources.

a mockup of a number of pages from within the GOALS main workbook
Modular System

The development of an underlying modular document grid was a crucial step in achieving consistency and alignment throughout the design. This grid system ensured that both the copy and design elements were consistently positioned and maintained a visual rhythm, which added to the overall professional look of the document. It also allowed us to break up the design in a way that best suited the content of each section, making it easier for users to navigate and find relevant information.

Colour Palette

One of the key aspects of the design was expanding the charity’s colour palette to create a more attractive and cohesive look. By blending the original key colours (cyan, purple, blue, and yellow) with each other, we were able to create a full spectrum of colours that allowed for more contrast and legibility. This expanded palette not only addressed the limitations of the original colours but also added vibrancy and visual interest to the design.


With a vast number of resources at both the team and clients' disposal, clear navigation and signposting were crucial. By assigning a specific key colour to each section, we facilitated quick navigation and helped users find the relevant sections more easily. The sequential order in which the colours were applied prevented the palette from becoming overwhelming while still maintaining a cohesive visual flow.


Refreshing the iconography and adapting it to each section was another core part of the expanded visual identity. By customising existing icons and creating new bespoke icons to align with the colours and themes of each section, we ensured consistency and enhanced the visual cohesion across the resource library.

a mockup of a GOALS resource workbook open on a grey backgrounda mockup of a GOALS resource workbook open on a grey background
Image Library

To support the new visual identity created for the programme, we commissioned a new library of brand imagery to be used within the resources. Utilising a local community centre where the charity hosts their workshops alongside both clients and staff members, we were able to capture candid images that authentically represented the charity's core values, as well as the dedication and passion the team bring to the work.

a slideshow of images from a photoshoot in London showing people modelling for a charity outreach programme in a community centre
a mockup of a number of pages from within the GOALS main workbook

To ensure the resources were accessible, we combined the colour-based navigation system with custom iconography highlighting key waypoints and important information within the main resources. Additionally, the onboarding forms were produced in a variety of formats to ensure they could be utilised in any number of scenarios with clients.

Forward thinking

The new visual identity was so well received that it led on to a visual identity update across the entire charity. With the resource visual identity at the core, we have taken it even further amalgamating pre-existing assets with the expanded colour palette, iconography library and design system that creates a single harmonious visual identity rather than two competing systems fused together.

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"Their priceless support across both our GOALS launch amongst other ongoing support has established Purple Banana as a trusted and valuable partner for Betknowmore UK."

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