a laptop displaying the 50ºNorth Ventures Webflow website on top of a metal box

50ºNorth ventures

Previously known as EEBIC, 50ºNorth Ventures are a leading venture capital and investment firm in Brussels and Montreal combining financial support and long-term partners in the biotech and medical sector.

user interface design
no-code consultancy
webflow development
marketing support
The Challenge

To support their rebrand, the 50ºNorth team wanted a stylish and minimalistic site that reflected their brand's new visual identity, untested for digital assets. The site also needed to house information for a number of dedicated funds and incubators 50ºN support and manage. Given the international presence of the brand, the site needed to be able to translate into various languages for ease of accessibility worldwide.

The Solution

We translated the new visual identity into a clean and engaging new site, built within Webflow's CMS. Incorporating individually edited cityscape imagery paired with simplistic concrete patterns, the site also features graphic elements based on 50ºNorth's dual-country locations in Brussels and Montreal. To ensure the site was accessible worldwide, we implemented an in-built automatic translation system to allow users to pre-load the site in their respective languages.