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Kao Data operate high performance data centres for advanced computing with hyperscale-inspired facilities east and west of London driven by sustainability.

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The Brief

Kao Data and their PR partners commissioned us to support the design and creation of their inaugural ESG report for 2022. Having never produced a long-form report like this before, combined with the importance of this report for procurement and investment opportunities they needed a creative partner who understood the intricacies of ESG reporting.

The Challenges

Data centres are notoriously energy-hungry businesses with an environmental footprint that can often be overwhelming. London-based Kao Data, have spent the last decade developing their high-performance centres with sustainability considerations at the forefront of their efforts. However, when asked to provide details of just how they’ve done that, they lacked a go-to visual overview document. Something that more and more stakeholders wanted to see.

Clarity and Accessibility

To ensure clarity and coherence, we established a visual language for different types of content within the report. Through data-driven visuals, case studies, and features, we effectively highlighted Kao Data’s sustainable achievements, best practices, and valuable partnerships. This approach enabled stakeholders, even those unfamiliar with ESG matters, to grasp the company’s commitment to sustainability effortlessly.

Detail First

Our collaboration with expert copywriting consultants ensured that the ESG report met industry standards while showcasing Kao Data’s achievements. By adhering to best practices in both design and content, we created a compelling narrative that resonated with stakeholders and established Kao Data as a leader in sustainable data centres.

Interactive Approach

In line with sustainability themes, we designed the report with a digital-first approach, optimising user experience through seamless navigation and content linking. This digital format allowed stakeholders to access the report easily, explore interactive elements, and access additional references, enhancing the overall user experience. The digital format also aligns perfectly with the company’s eco-conscious values.

Sustainability Sector Visual Language

To resonate with professionals in the sustainability sector, we strategically incorporated visual cues and universally recognised symbols, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) icons. This helped demonstrate how Kao Data aligns with specific metrics and global sustainability targets, reinforcing their commitment to responsible business practices.

Data Visualisation

Recognising the complexity of Kao Data’s diverse set of data and information, we meticulously crafted tables and infographics organised into thematic sections. These summaries were accompanied by contextual copy that humanised the data, providing stakeholders with a deeper understanding of Kao Data’s sustainability efforts. Additionally, we included comparative data to track progress, setting the foundation for future reporting and continuous improvement.

Strategically Curated Photography

Photography played a vital role in the report, carefully selected to complement and illustrate technology, facilities, and partnerships. By using relevant and captivating imagery, we ensured that the content remained engaging, avoiding abstraction and unnecessary technicalities. This elevated the report’s appeal and provided valuable insights into Kao Data’s sustainable infrastructure and collaborations.

The final ESG report successfully captured the essence of Kao Data’s decade-long commitment to sustainability, showcasing their achievements in a visually engaging and accessible manner. It served as a go-to document for stakeholders and bolstered procurement efforts with larger clients, reinforcing Kao Data’s position as a responsible industry leader.