Why is a strong brand identity important?

February 25, 2021

Why is a strong brand identity important?

The game has changed when it comes to how the world approaches marketing for businesses. Today, branding has taken centre stage. The sudden surge in interest when it comes to branding is evident in the creative sector boom in the UK, with creative agencies in London doubling in number since 2010. But how exactly does branding affect your business? To truly understand why a strong brand is important in today’s hypercompetitive business landscape, you must first understand what branding brings to the table.

In this article, we will share three reasons a strong brand identity is important for your business, and why they are a valuable investment:

It Helps Your Business Stand Out

At its core, branding is all about establishing how your business is perceived. In a way, it goes hand-in-hand with marketing as marketing is a tool used to reinforce your brand. So, how does this help you?

Well, considering how many businesses there are in your industry, it may be quite difficult to stand out. A strong brand identity can alleviate this problem, as it can give your business a uniqueness that customers can identify you by. Indeed, strong branding can be the factor when it comes to determining whether or not your business thrives.

A row of Marcia Morgan business cards
When we worked with Marcia Morgan, she wanted a smart yet sleek logo to show off her luxury interior design company.

It Makes Your Values Clear

Your brand is a reflection of your business’ values and beliefs. While you may think that intangibles don’t affect your business in any way, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Today’s consumers care about what your business stands for, and it is now as important as the products or services you offer. In fact, 71% of consumers prefer buying from companies that align with their personal values and beliefs. This is why a huge part of what branding has to do with the stories that your business can tell to foster emotional connections with your customer base. In doing so, your business can effectively create a loyal and trusting following that can help you grow and thrive in the modern business world!

The branding booklet of Reassure Training
Reassure Training wanted customers to feel confident and secure when attending their self-defence masterclasses.

It Establishes the Legitimacy of Your Business

In terms of standing out, a strong brand identity can also give your business an air of prestige. While setting yourself apart is important, how your business is perceived can also heavily play into how easy it is for your customer base to trust your business to help them achieve their goals or fulfil their needs.

Keep in mind that how your potential customers perceive your business is of the utmost importance. This is especially true if your business aims to be a household name. Look no further than big-name companies, such as Lego, Disney, and Rolex, to see just how far a company’s reputation can take them.

Two floating business cards from EnviroEducation
The founders of EnviroEducation wanted the youth-orientated and educational values of their organisation to shine through all aspects of their new brand identity.

Branding is something that every modern company or business has to emphasise to prosper in today’s age. It’s a powerful tool that can help you connect with your customers so that you can give them the products or services that they need.

This is something that applies to both small and large businesses. In particular, local businesses will want to focus on branding as it can help them tap into their communities. Keep this in mind when selecting among the slew of creative agencies in London, as you’ll want to make sure that your visions are aligned in order to maximise the chances of success! In the meantime, explore some of the organisations we have worked with on their own brand identity.

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