We're Webflow experts

May 8, 2023

We're Webflow experts

As our MD, Charles, regularly tells our clients "I was using Webflow before it was cool." Even though his attempt to appear trendy has fallen on deaf ears here, we did realise that it was about time that Purple Banana's commitment to the platform was more formally recognised. Enter the Webflow Experts programme.

Webflow Experts are, as it sounds, not just experts in the tech but specifically vetted and certified by Webflow themselves. Through both a comprehensive portfolio review, and some good ol' fashioned exams our developers were put to the test with their Webflow knowledge. Whilst they were doing that, we took a look through some of our past projects developed in the CMS, like the Webflow for SEND project we completed at the start of the year for DBV in SEND.

Roll on May, and the good news? On a not-so-sunny morning last week, we got the email saying we'd passed and were now 'Webflow Experts' (where's the fanfair...?)

Aside from the pretty badge, and an increase in Charles' attempts at being trendy, it shows our clients how committed we are not just to Webflow itself, but maximising its benefits for them. What more, we want to see Webflow rolled out in more of the sectors we love. Webflow for charities, Webflow for B-Corps, Webflow for brands that do good...it shouldn't stop there.

Charles had some thoughts when the certification came through:

"Having registered on Webflow in early 2018 it seems like an age since we launched our first site with the CMS. Fast-forward to 2023 and I don't think a days goes past that we're not on it: designing, building, tweaking, updating. Recognition from Webflow themselves that we're an 'expert' is super exciting, and just reinforces our commitment to using the benefits of the CMS with as many clients as we can."

So if you're looking for a Webflow agency, to help design or develop your next website - drop us a line.

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