Design File Cheat Sheet

August 12, 2020

Design File Cheat Sheet

Ever been asked for an .eps or .indd file and panicked? Not to worry, we've all been there - there are so many file types in the design world it's often hard to know which is which and what they're all used for. For example, what really is the difference between a .jpeg and a .png? They're both just images right?

Knowing the key differences between the 8 top most common file types, what they're used for and who by will ultimately save you a lot of time (as well as your designer!). That's why we've created this free cheat sheet to help you conquer each design file so next time you're asked for a vector format of your logo, you'll know exactly what to send.

You can download this free cheat by clicking here.

Design Files Cheat Sheet

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