How we're tackling climate change

June 8, 2020

How we're tackling climate change

We're really excited to announce that we have signed up to OffSet Earth!

Offset Earth are a fantastic organisation that allows a business to offset its CO2 output by planting trees, installing solar panels and wind farms and investing in infrastructure for communities all around the planet. Each project has been independently certified by Gold Standard, an environmental integrity body established by WWF and other non-government organisations.

Creative Director, Charles, said: "Whilst our team may not be jetting around the world, as an organisation, we've always been very conscious of our carbon footprint. Offsetting is one of the ways we're helping to reduce our carbon footprint, and OffSet Earth, is exactly the kind of project we've been searching for. It invests in projects across the world that remove more greenhouse gases than our own carbon footprints put in - and the team loves exploring our own virtual forest!"

Joining Offset Earth is part of a number of new environmental goals and commitments we're announcing to play our part in helping tackle climate change. The best bit is that we're able to let our customers and clients join in too through our new optional donation to Offset Earth when you use our services.

You can even explore the Purple Banana virtual forest and see how we're helping Offset Earth with their latest projects around the world.

Correction: as of 6th July 2020, Offset Earth are now Ecologi.

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