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Seventh Wave Corporate Training represent a new age of corporate training, offering a powerful array of in-house corporate training with the very best expert trainers. In 2018, our team was brought in to help modernise their brand and update the organisation's website, identity and training assets.

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Founded in 2016 by Adrian and David, Seventh Wave Corporate Training was born from their desire to ensure professionals and their organisations had the very best tools to succeed. By bringing together the best trainers and training opportunities, their hope was that Seventh Wave would provide the only service both professionals and organisations would need to maximise their abilities. With a hugely varied training offer offering over 15 different courses within 7 key areas aimed at the corporate market it was crucial that the organisation's updated brand reflected both the quality of their offer, but even more importantly, appealed to their key clientele. A key objective of their rebrand in 2018 was also to ensure the new brand identity was not only clean, crisp and smart but also engaging - a key tenet of any training organisation.

Given their name already hinted of a nautical / aquatic theme, it was easily decided that this would provide inspiration for a significant amount of their new identity. In particular their colour scheme and imagery. With a varied palette of dark and light blues, as well as turquoise, their new colour scheme aligned perfectly with their name. Likewise the decision to incorporate a blue palette was inspired by its well-known use by multinational banks, organisations and groups to instil a sense of trust, authority and loyalty within colour psychology.

Perhaps most noticeable about Seventh Wave's brand identity, is its new and unique motif used by the organisation widely across both its physical and online presence. The simple, yet memorable combination of the number '7' with the letter 'W' provides the organisation with quick and easy brand recognition in a format that works brilliantly both on their online presence, within their new website and social media pages, but also in-person, on their training materials and other physical assets. When incorporated into the full logo, the unique motif blends brilliantly into the organisation's name to provide a larger logo equally suitable for their physical training assets.

Alongside their new brand identity, Seventh Wave also commissioned our team to create a brand new website to launch alongside their rebrand. Like their brand objectives, simplicity and ease of use were key goals for the website, whilst simultaneously maintaining the smart, corporate style they had already built. With a clean and clear home page that  informs the reader of both their services and expertise, the simplicity of the website ensures clients can find the right information instantly. Alongside the home page, the website houses others to advertise their training offers accessible via a smart scroll list to ensure readers can quickly and easily identify the correct training package for them. The website itself houses a dedicated CMS that allows significant client control allowing the organisation to make changes where needed instantly without needing any outside support - essential for a growing organisation, and a functionality our team offers with all websites.

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Seventh Wave Corporate Training Brand Guidelines
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