G23DDY is a new brand within the clothing market, looking to specialise in modern apparel with global ambitions. Given the name 'G23DDY' our team was commissioned in the Summer of 2019 to create a bold new brand, logo and motif to propel the range into market.

launch date
June 2019
Brand Creation
view Live project

In mid-2019 the team at Purple Banana were asked by G23DDY to produce a brand new design for their latest range of clothing. Seeking something entirely unique, powerful yet simple in design, the G23DDY team were after the perfect design to launch their range. With multiple design options, their look is characterised by a unique motif with the brand name placed both alongside and underneath dependant upon the logotype.

The G23DDY motif is simple yet powerful, with endless options and opportunities for clothing items.

Commissioned in various colour, G23DDY looks good in whatever colour you display them in!