In 2019, the Founder & Director of Bee Happy Stay Happy got in touch with the Purple Banana team to commission a brand new identity for the therapy service. Over the next couple of months, the team delivered a fun, engaging and approachable brand, key to the mission and values of the service.

launch date
July 2019
Bee Happy, Stay Happy
Brand Creation
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In the summer of 2019, the Purple Banana team were asked by the Founder and Director of Bee Happy Stay Happy, a new therapy service for nurses, to help establish their new brand. Tasked with the creation of a new brand identity as well as the creation of other marketing assets our team, after a month of researching, drawing up initial concepts and finalising designs, unveiled the brand new look for the service. Centred around the 'friendly little bee' motif visible in the logo the brand's colours and fonts were chosen to fit around the new motif to provide a clear and fun brand message.

Currently the team are in the process of designing up further marketing assets for Bee Happy Stay Happy to be used in all of their services, and we can't wait to reveal them when they're finished!

The 'friendly little bee' motif is the centre point for the brand, and is clearly visible on all marketing materials.
The brand's logotype is easily accessible and usable to reflect the accessibility of the Bee Happy services.
The Bee Happy fonts are fun and engaging, yet legible, to ensure the audience is captured quickly and maintained when delivery key information.
Bee Happy's brand colour scheme is calm and relaxed without any bold or extravagant colours.