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Are your websites SEO friendly?

Are your websites SEO friendly?

Updated on
November 14, 2020

Very simply...yes, 100%!

We're a Webflow agency, and proud to be - all of our sites are built from scratch within the Webflow designer which is setup perfectly to produce not only stunning websites, but ones that come built completely SEO-optimised. Webflow sites come packed with brilliant features that Google and other search engines love, have a ready below:

  • Smooth &¬†Responsive Design: Webflow sites are built with design as their #1 priority which means all of our sites are not only stylish, but responsive, a key feature in SEO.
  • Sitemaps: a key feature of any site, Webflow automatically generates a sitemap for each site allowing Google to know exactly where and how to crawl your site.
  • Minified Code: Webflow sites feature clean HTML, CSS and Javascript meaning no bloated code or plugins that other sites rely on.
  • On-Page SEO: meta description for SERPs are standard across all pages, and can even be added by you (with a suitable hosting plan).
  • CMS: in SEO, content is king! The flexible CMS Webflow offers allows you to add fresh content on a regular basis and keep your site up-to-date and on-trend.
  • Security: Webflow sites don't need updating, and without plugins, your site maintains itself! Plus, all Webflow hosted sites come with SSL as standard letting your customers and clients know your site is safe.
  • Speed: Webflow-hosted sites use CDN (content delivery network) powered by Fastly and Amazon CloudFront meaning your site will load quickly wherever your customer is in the world.