Have a question about one of our services or pricing and want a quick answer? Have a look below at the answers to some of the questions our clients often ask us...


Where can I find a copy of your Terms & Conditions?

A copy of our Terms & Conditions will be sent to you before we commence any work, however, if you need a copy quickly, click here.

What is the Purple Banana Promise?

We guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our graphic design work or your money back minus a £40 service fee (includes processing charges and discourage misuse of our services). Initial graphic design (up-front fees for the 1st round of designs) that you have paid can be refunded if you are not satisfied with our work (minus service fee). A refund only applies if, after the first draft and prior to any requests for changes or revisions, the client requests one. Otherwise, if any revisions, redraws or similar requests are made, no matter how minor, the client is assumed to have consented with proceeding forward with the graphic design process and thus waiving their right for a refund under these stated provision.


If, upon being presented with the INITIAL graphic designs, the client elects not to pursue the project any further, and requests a refund, in writing by email, to finance@purple-banana.com, a refund in accordance with the terms of this website will be issued. A Refund will be issued upon request, EXCEPT in the following cases:

  1. Refunds do not apply if we do not hear back from you for more than a week after completing initial designs (Project is considered closed after inactivity of three months)
  2. Refunds do not apply to projects that have requested any changes and/or alterations to a chosen sample.
  3. Refunds do not apply if you have approved a design.
  4. Refunds do not apply to upgrades and/or additional services provided and displayed to the client.
  5. Refunds do not apply to slogan production and/or ideas.
  6. Refunds do not apply if the company we are designing a graphic for closes, changes their name, or their activity.
  7. Refunds do not apply if client has made any request which is out of scope or not properly defined in the initial description which was provided at the time of completing order form.
  8. Once you have taken final delivery.
  9. If you purchased a "Special Offer”.
Do you offer printing?

We're proud to be able to offer printing services to all of our clients who use us to design their artwork! Whether you need business cards, flyers, booklets or something bigger...we have you covered. Get in touch with our production team at production@purple-banana.com for further details.

What questions do you ask when you start a project?

The first question we always ask our clients is...tell us about you! Designers who don't take the time to get to know their clients and their businesses never create the best designs - we stand by that. We want to know why you set up your business, what your favourite thing about it is, what your favourite colour it is...even what your favourite coffee is. It sounds strange, we know, but getting to know our clients is one of the best parts of our jobs. Only after we know your likes and dislikes inside out can we feel confident in creating a design we know you'll love!

Why should I choose Purple Banana?

At Purple Banana we pride ourselves on delivering a personal, tailored service for each and every one of our clients. When you reach out to us, you speak personally to one our fantastic design team, not a machine - this guarantees that we get to grips with not only your business needs, but what makes your business unique. This way we ensure that we create products that are unique in every sense of the word. Every client, whilst different in requirements, is equal in priority and we promise to give you the same service regardless if you're a massive brand or a small start-up. Our approach to all clients rests upon three promises...

1. The Purple Banana Promise - your satisfaction is on No.1 priority, so we will move heaven and earth to ensure we deliver on our promise. But, if you feel you are not satisfied, then we have a flexible refund policy too.

2. Tailored Technique - unlike a lot of online graphic design services, we take the time to get to know each and every one of our clients personally. Getting to know both you and your business allows us to produce unique and brilliant artwork.

3. Complimentary Consultation - we know finding a creative agency isn't the easiest job, especially when you're being overrun with quotes! So, we make it easier, by not only providing you with a quote but a personal brand plan and consultation.


I'm not sure how to use the files you sent me?

Not to worry! All the files types can be a bit daunting at first, so if you're not sure what the difference is between PNG and PDF, or can't work out how or why you'd use an EPS file, get in touch with our Customer Success Team and they'll happily help guide you through the what we've sent.

The file sharing link you sent has stopped working?

Oops...that is annoying! We are sorry that’s happened. Get in touch with our fantastic Customer Success team and they’ll make sure you get a new link sent out straight away.

How will I get my final artwork files?

We supply all of our files via our file sharing system. This will include all your initial concepts, proofs and final artwork! The best bit is that your link will never expire, so you can access all your documents again and again and download them whenever and where you want. Our file sharing system features high-end security, meaning you know your files are safe. Even better, you can create a shareable link and share it with everyone you want...your partner, your friends, your pets...whoever!

What file types do you provide?

We want to ensure you have all the right files to start using your artwork straight away! The specific file types we supply will depend on the project but typically we supply: EPS, PNG, JPEG, PDF. If there is a file type you need and it’s not listed, let us know, and we’ll see what we can do.


Do you offer project rates?

Yes - for larger projects we are more than happy to quote you for the entire project.

Do you offer student discount?

We do indeed! Whether you're running a new society or group at college or just an organising an event, we've got you covered with 10% off all of our services (excl. web design). Get in touch with our friendly Customer Success Team and they'll sort out a discount for you. (Please note, you will need proof of your student status to be eligible for this discount).

Do you offer charity discounts?

Yes, we are proud to offer charities opening a new account a 5% discount on all of our services (excl. web design). We know how much time and commitment running a charity can be, so just like you who are giving back to society, we want to give something back to you. (Please note, to qualify for charitable discount you must be either registered with the Charity Commission or be a registered CIC. Proof of registration will be required.)

What prices do you charge?

Most of our services are offered at a rate of £20p/h. However, we may charge more for quick turnaround or weekend work. Likewise we do offer packages for our more popular services such as logo design and other graphic design services. Get in touch with us today for more information about our pricing.

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